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​       Process Serving, Legal Messenger, Courier Services & other services price list

*Check and calculate your cost below. Then follow the Simple Instructions for E-MAILING, Mailing, Scanning, overnight instructions or Online ordering for the assignment. We'll take it from there. It is just that easy!

                                                                                     Service of Process 

Paul our Ret. Licensed CA Private Investigator of 15 years is proud to offer you the Exclusive Flat Rate Service promise! This means that we will make unlimited attempts to one address of your choice until the Process is either served or deemed "un-servable" (For example it is determined to be a bad address or after attempts we run out of time). No Charge for gas or mileage! Plus you gain the expertise, experience and services of a retired Licensed Private Investigator for the same price (or less) than that of a traditional Process Server operated Attorney Service! 

Job urgency                                                        Time Frames

Routine                      averages 2 to 10 days until served (unless avoiding)

RUSH                          attempt Guaranteed within 48 hours

Do Today                   attempted ASAP the same day or at set appointment time


Routine Flat Rate Process Service Base Rates:

San Diego County (Non Rural/Extended) :    $74 *Limited Time Special Hot  SD City Rates

Orange County (Non Rural):                                 $74 *Limited Time Special Hot OC Rates

Los Angeles County (Non Rural)                         $99

Other CA Major Counties (Non Rural)              $99

Nationwide Major Counties (Non Rural)        $125  

Alpine                                   $99

Coronado                             $89

El Cajon                                $74

La Mesa                                $74

Lakeside                               $89

Imperial Beach                 $89

Chula Vista                         $89

Santee                                   $74

Spring Valley                     $89

San Ysidro                           $99

National City                     $89
Julian                                    $150
Pine Valley                         $150
San Marcos                        $99
Vista                                      $99

Escondido                           $99

Rancho Bernardo            $89

Poway                                   $89

Oceanside                           $99

Fallbrook                            $150

Campo                                  $175

Jamul                                    $120

Borrego                                $185

Jacumba                              $185

Boulevard                           $175

Mexico (Tijuana, Tecate, Mexicali, N. Baja CA Mex. or any other areas or services not listed below) -  Email: or call (619) 239-0892 with address & details for quote.  


*Add $0 if your Process is being served to a Business (Non Residential) Address. (*No add on, as  it will be served at a business location (non-residential address) during regular business hours). 

*Add $25 if your Process is being served to a Residence / Residential Address (*As we will likely need to attempt evenings and Weekends).

* Add $50 to the base price only if your Process Service is being served at a Military Base, Prison or Jail. (*We will need to set up ahead of time with the Base Legal, Jail or Correctional Facility and/or incur additional time spent arranging and/or waiting at the location to make contact with the Servee.) 


                                                     Optional Add ons to Routine Service of Process base price:

*Only add each of these that are applicable to the Routine Service base rate listed above.

Notary. Add $15 if your Affidavit / Proof needs to be Notarized. It is $15 for each Affidavit / Proof to be Notarized. *Most States including California courts do not require a Notary. Your State Courts may be different. * $15 is our cost that a CA Notary Charges us for their set fee. 

RUSH service (attempted within 48 hours and until completed) add an additional $50 to the Routine Service base rate. 

Do Today Service (or set appointment time). Service rate is 2X the Routine Service base rate. (i.e. a Downtown San Diego Service to a business address that must be served today would be 2X $74 = $148).

Each Additional Defendant or Party (Entity Name / or Individual - needing 2nd proof of service) being served at same address and time are only 1/2 Price! Just add 50% of the Base Routine Fee (no  for each additional entity you need a Proof of service / affidavit for. 

Stakeouts $65 per hour. The Process Server or P.I. waits at the residence or place of business for the subject to arrive or come outside and then serves the Subject. Can be Necessary when the Subject is Avoiding service. Also utilized if someone absolutely has to be served that day & they are not there when Same day Attempts are made. Unused portion of estimated retainer hours paid up front /retainer will be refunded. You are only charged time we staked out in 1 hour increments. 

                           Other Legal Support or Messenger Services Offered and Prices

Skip Trace $150 - Locate the Subject if it is determined that the address is bad or you just need to find their address before service can be attempted, Our Full Service Basic Skip Trace includes 3 hours of time plus several searches. Cost is a flat $150 and has a better than 90% Success rate! 

Court Filings (Legal Messenger drives to courthouse and walks in filing to the Court Clerk).

San Diego County Court Houses (any- incl. El Cajon, Chula Vista, Vista etc.) - Routine Next Day Filing = $75 and RUSH Same Day = $150

Los Angeles County Court Houses - Routine Filing (2 Day Turnaround) = $250 and RUSH Same Day = $395 

Orange, Riverside, Imperial or San Bernardino County Court Houses - Routine Filing (2 Day Turnaround) = $250 and RUSH Same Day = $350 

*Call or email to request San Diego County Pick up for Court Filings if you do not wish to email or overnight. Payment can be made by credit card or check for court filings. If there is a Filing Fee then will need to pick up a check or if you pay filing fee to us via credit card add 10% check/cc fee. 

Court Research or Records Retrieval - Same Cost as a Court Filing (fees Above) plus any costs such as Copies (in most cases this is at our cost charged by the court). 

Standard Messenger / Courier Services 

*includes pickup from one location and delivery to packages destination. No extra charge for up to 2 Banker size boxes

San Diego County - Routine Next Day Delivery = $50 and RUSH Same Day = $75 (if Rural i.e. Julian or likes of Jacumba Add $50) **Delivery from San Diego Co. to San Diego County or Vise Vera
Los Angeles & Orange County (Non Rural) - Routine Delivery (Next Day Turnaround) = $195 and RUSH Same Day = $295 **Delivery from San Diego Co. to Los Angeles or Orange County or Vise Vera
Riverside, Imperial or San Bernardino County (Non Rural) - Routine Delivery (2 Day Turnaround) = $175 and RUSH Same Day = $275 **Delivery from San Diego Co. to Riverside or SB County or Vise Vera

Farther Destinations or Rural/Extended Parts of these Counties - CALL 619-239-0892 FOR QUOTE
*Call or email to request Pick up for packages/deliveries. Payment can be made by credit card here on website for deliveries. *No Extra Charge for deliveries ranging in size of envelopes to Packages under 50 LBS. Call for quote on larger packages.  

                                                        Now you know how much. Next you will Send us the Work

1) Complete our Job Request Form OR Provide Your own Cover letter with instructions, (if a Process Service) Include your own proof of service or affidavit you would like us to complete once served (or we can provide our own generic proof of service if your court / area is ok with that). We will confirm receipt and then also email you when your service is complete. 

2) Scan and E-MAIL Process Jobs to ( )  We will confirm receipt via E-MAIL.

*If you are requesting Messenger Delivery (24/7) you can email your Messenger service request to (please include your phone number & details) and we will reply (or confirm) as soon as we are able to. OR Call (619) 239-0892 8am to 6PM. 

3) Make your payment By Credit Credit Card or Online Check by clicking below (Pay Now Link) with the correct calculated fees from the price list above. (All you need is a Credit or Debit Card or Checking Account. No Pay Pal account required):  

OR You may "Snail" Mail or Overnight our Completed Job Request Form or Your own Cover letter with instructions, Documents, (if a Process Service) Include your own proof of service or affidavit you would like us to complete once served (or we can provide our own generic proof of service if your court / area is ok with that) and payment via Check (You may also pay by credit card on link below if you mail). *Service is always quicker if you email documents.  

Mail or Overnight (Please email to let us know once you have mailed or shipped): 

5173 Waring Road, #340

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